Sixth Street is a legendary street known simply as “6th Street.” Famed for its eclectic mix of bars, clubs, live music venues

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, South Congress Avenue, often affectionately referred to as “SoCo,” is a vibrant and eclectic thoroughfare that encapsulates the city’s unique spirit and rich history. Lined with a mix of iconic landmarks, quirky boutiques, diverse restaurants, and live music venues, South Congress Avenue is not just a street; it’s a cultural hub that has evolved over time, reflecting Austin’s ever-changing identity.

6th Street fills up with thousands of SXSW attendees, 6th street is the epicenter of the yearly SXSW film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences

6th Street fills up with thousands of SXSW attendees, 6th street is the epicenter of the yearly SXSW film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences

A Rich History

Austin’s 6th Street has a history that spans over a century. Once a bustling commercial district, it has since evolved into the epicenter of Austin’s live music and entertainment culture. The transformation began in the 1970s when the area started to attract a vibrant live music scene, leading to its iconic reputation today.


6th Street's rooftop bars offer amazing views alongside live bands, delightful refreshments and cold beer

Sixth Street is a historic street and entertainment district in Austin, Texas and home to world famous lounges, pubs and bars!


Live Music Galore

One of the most compelling aspects of 6th Street is its abundance of live music venues. You can expect to find everything from rock and blues to jazz and country music throughout the area. In fact, it’s often referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World.” Venues like Antone’s, The Continental Club, and The Velveeta Room host both established and up-and-coming musicians, ensuring that there’s always a live performance to enjoy.


Eclectic Bar Scene

6th Street is lined with a diverse range of bars, each with its unique vibe and character. Whether you prefer a rowdy sports bar, a dive bar with cheap drinks, a sleek rooftop lounge, or a cozy pub, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. Iconic establishments like Maggie Mae’s, The Jackalope, and The Blind Pig Pub are just a few of the many options.


6th Street is where the bulk of SXSW happens & is a place for up and coming bands

6th Street is where the bulk of SXSW happens & is a place for up and coming bands

Open Container Policy

One of the unique features of 6th Street is the city’s open container policy, allowing you to take your drink from one establishment to another, provided it’s in a plastic container. This policy fosters a vibrant and social atmosphere, as you can freely explore the street while enjoying your beverage.

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6th Street Festive Party Atmosphere!

Group of friends enjoying a drink at an outdoor rooftop bar on 6th Street in Austin, Texas

Group of friends enjoying a drink at an outdoor rooftop bar laughing and chatting around a table.

6th Street is known for its lively and vibrant atmosphere. On weekends, the street is usually closed to vehicular traffic, turning into a pedestrian-friendly zone filled with street performers, food vendors, and enthusiastic partygoers. The vibrant lights and neon signs create a festive ambiance that’s perfect for celebrating with friends and making new ones.
Safety and Responsibility
It’s important to remember that while 6th Street is known for its lively party scene, it’s crucial to party responsibly. Austin’s law enforcement and city officials take public safety seriously, and there is a visible police presence on the street to ensure the safety of visitors. Additionally, make sure to drink responsibly, know your limits, and have a designated driver or use rideshare services to get home safely.

Partying and drinking on 6th Street in Austin, Texas, is an exhilarating experience that encapsulates the city’s vibrant nightlife culture. With live music, an eclectic bar scene, a festive atmosphere, and an open container policy, it’s no wonder that 6th Street is a must-visit destination for those looking to enjoy the best that Austin has to offer. Remember to party responsibly, and you’ll have a night to remember in the heart of the Live Music Capital of the World.

“6th Street Party Guide in Austin, Texas”

  1. Explore the Districts:
    • Begin your night on 6th Street by exploring its three main districts: West 6th, Dirty 6th, and East 6th. Each offers a unique vibe and selection of bars and clubs.
  2. Start Early:
    • Happy hours typically begin in the late afternoon, making it a good idea to start your evening early to take advantage of drink specials.
  3. Live Music Venues:
    • Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” and 6th Street is no exception. Check out iconic venues like The Parish, The Velveeta Room, and Antone’s for a night filled with incredible live performances.
  4. Bar-Hopping on Dirty 6th:
    • Dirty 6th is famous for its rowdy atmosphere and plethora of bars. Take a stroll down this lively stretch, hopping from one bar to another, and soak in the energetic atmosphere.
  5. Craft Beer Bars:
    • If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, stop by one of the many craft beer bars on 6th Street. Places like Craft Pride and The Ginger Man offer an extensive selection of local and international brews.
  6. Rooftop Bars:
    • Enjoy the vibrant cityscape by visiting one of the rooftop bars on 6th Street. These spots, such as The Blind Pig Pub and Summit Rooftop Lounge, provide a great view along with your drinks.
  7. Food Trucks:
    • Don’t forget to refuel with some late-night bites from the food trucks scattered across 6th Street. Whether you crave tacos, burgers, or gourmet snacks, there’s something for every palate.
  8. Themed Bars:
    • Explore themed bars like The Library or The Jackalope for a unique experience. These establishments often have quirky decor and special drink menus.
  9. Dance Clubs:
    • If dancing is on your agenda, venture into the dance clubs on 6th Street. Venues like Barcelona, Voodoo Room, and Summit provide lively atmospheres and DJs playing a variety of music.
  10. Stay Safe:
    • Be mindful of your surroundings and plan for safe transportation. Consider rideshare services, designated drivers, or public transportation to ensure everyone gets home safely.
  11. Festivals and Events:
    • Check for any local festivals or events happening during your visit. 6th Street often hosts parades, live music festivals, and other exciting happenings that can enhance your party experience.

Remember, 6th Street in Austin is dynamic and diverse, so be open to unexpected experiences and go with the flow for an unforgettable night of partying.

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